What is Karma?

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What is karma? I think there are many definitions of karma, but many times people understand it as punishment or a burden. I don’t see quite like that, because I feel the aim of karma is something that brings us to the light, and it is not a punishment and has a lot of love. I know it is difficult to understand and let’s try to explain!

I did much Past Life Regression on hundreds of clients, and exploring all those lives and seeing the connections between one and another, I came to understand that Karma is like the resulting energy of all of this coming to our lives and having action in our lives for bringing out energy to the light with consciousness. So the Karma is the information from everything we need to overcome to become light.

I see three main rules that rule this energy.
If you see as an informational field, and with these three rules directing its behavior, we see first what I call Action and Reaction.

Action and Reaction are much more what Buddhism understands as Karma, which means, if you do something and if you don’t know which kind of reaction it has, and then you received a Reaction as a normal result of Action. So, you put your fingers on a socket, then you’ll have a chock because this is the rule. There is not that the socket wanted to harm you or is angry with you. It is just that things are what they are!

Buddhism sees Karma as impersonal. I don’t because many times when I do past life regressions and you are in Between Lives, and exploring that on how they are creating their next life, many times we see that they are planning your next life. Sometimes is yourself, but most of the times are Higher Beings who can understand and can see larger pictures, they can see everything like they have access to some program if we can say that, and they say that you will gonna live with this family, and have this kind of situations in your life for you to understand this and this and this in human form, materialized here. (continue on the podcast).